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Sunday, 5 October 2014

23.30 - self afflicted.

Don’t be a victim
To your own goddamn life, love.
Your tears don’t phase me.

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24.30 - reclaiming quisqueya

for all the years i’ve resisted calling you my motherland
and all the times i felt shunned by my sisters for my afro
i am here, quisqueya

for every time i denied you
and the moments where i wish something other than dominican blood was flowing through my veins
i will see you with these new lenses i’ve been given

something about listening to a cornucopia of your children ignited my flame again
i learned that no one can strip me of my roots just because i love bomba y plena
and that i am no less your child because i decided to cut the colonization off my head

now, i don’t feel like i have to prove my dominican-ness
i can claim it my own way

for my dreams
for my health & future
for my children to know why you are beautiful
i will no longer resist you

now i know it’s okay
that i am a dark dominicanita from the bronx
that i dream in all colors of cultures, the ones i breathe in from my people worldwide

i know now
my love for puerto rico does not have to rival yours
my heart is big enough for both of you
i love you, quisqueya
let’s start our new relationship today.
take me by the hand and show me your mountains
cook me your foods
and tell me of the children that ran in your forests
i am finally ready to accept and claim my heritage.


*this is dedicated to all my dominican sisters and brothers who i met at the conference this past weekend. and for vanessa. thank you so, so much. you have no idea how you’ve touched me.