Sunday, 5 October 2014

Puerto Rico.

i went away on hiatus for 20 days to puerto rico. i left may 11th and landed in jfk on the 30th. i’ve had a couple of people ask me how my trip went. and i find that i’m not sure how to really answer that. i always respond with, “it was interesting.” i really don’t know how else to put it.

i went away to clear my mind and really have a space to think about all the huge life changes coming my way. it was a chance to clear the cobwebs in my head and come to terms with the crossroads i am at and how to navigate on my path.

there are some conclusions that i’ll share about what i saw and learned while there:

1.what i got to see of the island is beautiful. i spent most of the time in rio piedras (about 20 mins on public transportation from old san juan) but also saw the beaches of condado, isla verde, luquillo and fajardo. they were absolutely beautiful. and i got to go to el yunque, the rainforest. it was spellbinding. i liked walking the streets of san juan and made a mental note to come back with a travel buddy so we can get into all sorts of trouble dancing and hanging out at the bars.

2. i had a good amount of conversations with people who lived on the island about the politics, society and situation going on there. the trip opened my eyes to how much the united states fucks countries in the ass with no lube. the best way to sum up what i realized about puerto rico was something a cab driver told me as we spoke on the politics:

“when the united states catches a cold, puerto rico catches pneumonia.”

3. a comemierda is someone who is obnoxiously arrogant, rude, slightly self-righteous and self-important. they tend to look down their noses at you for a variety of different reasons, and kiss ass like it’s their job. after this trip, i can spot a comemierda from a mile away. i’ve been able to before but now i definitely know what they look and sound like on the spot.

4. touristy stuff bores me. it’s really only but so interesting.

5. if i ever complain about nyc drivers, remind me that stop signs and red lights are but a mere suggestion to many drivers i saw in puerto rico.

6. i had no clue who governor fortuno was before i got to p.r. unfortunately for him, his first impression on me was terrible. he’s a bit of a republican asshole. just saying.

7. the upr students that have been on strike for the last month and some change rock. i hope they’re able to work something out with the administrators soon.

8. i need to figure out what i’m doing with my life. and going away has helped that a lot.

9. i would definitely visit again.

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